Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Bluum Box Review~October 2012

Ok, this really doesn't have to do with cloth diapering at all, but I thought I would share...

This is Bluum, one of those surprise subscription services, that brings "deluxe" sized samples, and at least 1-2 full size sample products for mom and baby.  

You may have heard of other boxes like this such as Citrus Lane and Wittlebee, and beauty boxes like Birch Box.

Let me tell you, I normally don't go in for this sort of thing...we're on a pretty tight budget, but through one of my Facebook page likes, I was able to score my first box for 6 bucks, and well, I was super curious.

6 big deal.

Was it worth it?

Yes...and no...

Here's inside:

 This month's theme was "Magical Moments" probably because Disney Baby sponsored a bodysuit...see below.

 Wrapped up all cute in a little baggie was a white Disney Baby bodysuit.  This is super soft, stitching looks durable, BUT it's 6-9 month size....

Bibbit is 17 months! I don't know if they messed up his birthday or if these bodysuits don't come in bigger sizes...which would be a bad choice to include if they didn't.  Anyone get one of these in a bigger size?

We don't really use bodysuits anymore anyway, but I will definitely save this for our next lamb baby, so it all works out.

 The rest of the loot.  Did I mention that I LOVE ANYTHING by Burt's Bees?!?!?
They are like, seriously, my favorite things in the world.
At this moment, either in or on my bedside table, I have 8 Burt's Bees items.  Yeah, I'm obsessed, so I was super happy to get these items: Lip shimmer (though I don't really use lip color, it's still a balm, so hey, whatever), Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash (perfect for travel), and a sample size Nighttime Rejuvenating face lotion (which I used last night and really liked). YAY!

And a Stage 1 (again with the age thing?) Happy Baby organic pouch in Just Mango...Bibbit guzzled this down like it was his last meal.  He loves these things.

Oh, and there was $19.50 worth of coupons, including $15 off Wittlebee.

All in all, I enjoyed my first Bluum box.  The total cost of everything came to about $14.00, so it was worth it for $6.00.  

Would I pay $12 a month? No, probably not, especially because I would probably not buy the bodysuit or the lip shimmer (I know, I know, despite the fact it is Burt's Bees).

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