Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's up for November

For the month of November, Lamb Babies is proud to be a part of TWO giveaway events! Yay!

1) Fall 2012 Cloth Diaper Drive for Appalachia hosted by Leetle Baby, running from November 5th through 25th.  This is a great cause to help out low-income families with cloth diapers and accessories! I will be sponsoring a diaper for the giveaway portion!

2) Give Thanks for Fluff Giveaway Event hosted by Happy Mothering and Eco-Crazy Mom, running from November 6th through 20th!
Give Thanks for Fluff

This is my first time being a 'blogger' and being involved with giveaways...I'm going to be learning a lot about this whole process...kinda nervous about it all, in a good way!

Also, Lamb Babies' first November stocking will be November 9th at 5 pm est, tentatively.  My theme for this one will be "woodland" (think deer, owls, skunks, nature) and hopefully some holiday-themed diapers!

Check out the preview pic!
(middle one with the fox is an organic print)

The second stocking will be on Black Friday...and yes, there will be sales!!! Woot woot!

I am also ALWAYS looking for ideas of what fabrics or themes you'd like to see; any other suggestions would be awesome too, as I'm still pretty new at this whole having my own cloth diaper shop thing.

Thanks bunches! :o)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cloth Diapering in a Storm

Well, the wind and rain has started.  With Sandy looming outside (we're in upstate NY) we all know it's necessary to take precautions: food, water, candles, batteries, etc.

But what if you're a cloth diapering family?

Really, it's common sense, and using cloth diapers in a storm is really no different than in normal times.  You just have to hand wash, and air dry.


Use easy wipe or easy clean covers, such as PUL or fleece (which dries super fast) or go coverless.
Prefolds also dry A LOT faster than multi-layer soakers.
AIOs (all in ones) are a no-go...they'd take too long to air dry.

HAVE EXTRA WATER! Both for dirty bums and to flush down poo if your water goes out.
You can always dump poo in several layers of plastic bags, dump a ton of baking powder on it, and worry about it later.  

Do I think it's a good idea to have some disposables on hand? Yes.
Though I do like to purchase chemical free versions like Seventh Generation or biodegradable ones.

But I still plan on using cloth first and foremost.  
What do you do in the event of emergency situations?

I washed Bibbit's cloth diapers last night, so he's got a full clean stash.  We'll be set for the next 72 hours, at least, and because we're not in the direct path of Sandy, we'll be more than okay.

Keep safe!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Bluum Box Review~October 2012

Ok, this really doesn't have to do with cloth diapering at all, but I thought I would share...

This is Bluum, one of those surprise subscription services, that brings "deluxe" sized samples, and at least 1-2 full size sample products for mom and baby.  

You may have heard of other boxes like this such as Citrus Lane and Wittlebee, and beauty boxes like Birch Box.

Let me tell you, I normally don't go in for this sort of thing...we're on a pretty tight budget, but through one of my Facebook page likes, I was able to score my first box for 6 bucks, and well, I was super curious.

6 big deal.

Was it worth it?

Yes...and no...

Here's inside:

 This month's theme was "Magical Moments" probably because Disney Baby sponsored a bodysuit...see below.

 Wrapped up all cute in a little baggie was a white Disney Baby bodysuit.  This is super soft, stitching looks durable, BUT it's 6-9 month size....

Bibbit is 17 months! I don't know if they messed up his birthday or if these bodysuits don't come in bigger sizes...which would be a bad choice to include if they didn't.  Anyone get one of these in a bigger size?

We don't really use bodysuits anymore anyway, but I will definitely save this for our next lamb baby, so it all works out.

 The rest of the loot.  Did I mention that I LOVE ANYTHING by Burt's Bees?!?!?
They are like, seriously, my favorite things in the world.
At this moment, either in or on my bedside table, I have 8 Burt's Bees items.  Yeah, I'm obsessed, so I was super happy to get these items: Lip shimmer (though I don't really use lip color, it's still a balm, so hey, whatever), Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash (perfect for travel), and a sample size Nighttime Rejuvenating face lotion (which I used last night and really liked). YAY!

And a Stage 1 (again with the age thing?) Happy Baby organic pouch in Just Mango...Bibbit guzzled this down like it was his last meal.  He loves these things.

Oh, and there was $19.50 worth of coupons, including $15 off Wittlebee.

All in all, I enjoyed my first Bluum box.  The total cost of everything came to about $14.00, so it was worth it for $6.00.  

Would I pay $12 a month? No, probably not, especially because I would probably not buy the bodysuit or the lip shimmer (I know, I know, despite the fact it is Burt's Bees).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Diaper Drive for Appalachia!!!

When my hubbins and I found out we were prego, we were both college students, and pretty much poor. As someone who likes to use eco-friendly products, I wanted to use cloth diapers, but the initial cost was daunting, though I realized I would save money in the long run.

My sister bought us a great starter stash, and I wouldn't have been able to cloth diaper without her generosity! So, I know how important it is to help out others who are in need!

 Fall 2012 Cloth Diaper Drive

Fall 2012 Cloth Diaper Drive - Supporting The Tomahawk Sustainment Mission. . . 

Sign up's are OPEN! 

Leettle Baby will be hosting the Fall 2012 Cloth Diaper Drive, which will run from November 1st - 30th, 2012. Not only will there be a giveaway for a stash of cloth diapers, but there will be charity auctions in efforts to raise money to start a cloth diapering program that will benefit at least 500 babies in the impoverished areas of the Kentucky Appalachia!
DID YOU KNOW? The Appalachia region covers 13 different U.S. states, encompasses 420 counties and includes 25 million people? Sadly, some of the most distressed areas have 150% poverty rate over the average U.S. rate.
Head on over to the Leettle Baby blog and sign up today if you are interested in participating in this giveaway hop event which includes a FREE blogger opportunity! The deadline for sign up's is October 30th, so don't hesitate to sign up for this wonderful event!
Also...sponsors for the giveaway and auction are still wanted and greatly appreciated! Please contact me (Alanna) at if you would like to help.
DATES:  November 1st - 30th (Giveaway will run from November 1st - November 30th), 2012
COST:   FREE with announcement post, $5 for 2 links, $1 each additional, & $10 for host follow pages
GIVEAWAY PRIZE:   A cloth diaper stash & accessory package...and more! Click here to view prize listing & sponsors

Sign & Learn More @ LeettleBaby

Please look into this...this is for a great cause!
I plan on donating a diaper for the giveaway, so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Giveaways, Giveaways

I asked on my page a little while ago, if anyone had won any fluffy mama responded with a list of a bunch of stuff she'd won in the past six months.

I have had no such luck!
I haven't won anything, fluffy or not...

Am I doing something wrong? :(

ok, ok, I know what you're thinking: 
um, she makes her own diapers, why would she need to WIN any?!!?

Because it's FUN!

Who doesn't like to win stuff? Especially stuff that your baby will use and look adorable in!

Anyway, I am hoping that as things pick up here on the Lamb Mama & Lamb Babies blog, to offer YOU lovely readers (are there any readers yet...? besides YOU, big sister!) some reviews/giveaways!

I would love to review cloth diapers, ESPECIALLY WAHM ones, because as a WAHM, I know how important it is to get the word out, and they are SO UNIQUE, and quite frankly, a lot FLUFFIER and SQUISHIER than big-brand cloth diapers.

Here's my little disclaimer:
I promise to NOT compare them to a Lamb Babies diaper such as "my diaper is more absorbent" or "diaper "x" has cuter prints than me" boo hoo hoo. 
I won't do it. I refuse. It's not fair.

So there you go, if you are a WAHM or know a WAHM, come on down!
Email me :o) I'll be happy.

P.S- Me and my noggin made that ecard...feel free to share!

Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm just a mom...

This is my first blog post.

I am unsure of where to start, or where to go, but I guess that's the fun of it right? 

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share with you some facts about me, and Lamb Babies, my new cloth diaper shop!

This is where I do my sewing....
yes, it's in our bedroom, 
yes that is our bed on the far left of the picture, 
yes I do store my fabric in  one of those hanging shelf thingies in our closet
yes that is my pajamas slung over the arm of the chair
yes those are fleece blankets turned super-duper thermal curtains. 

Nothing fancy here, I really am just a mommy!

I sew during nap time and after Bibbit goes to bed, sometimes during the day while he plays and "rides" his bike we got him for his birthday. (Thank you!) For that I drag the machine to the dining table.

Bibbit is my own, personal, loveable, daredevil, sweet, funny, active, handsome, and curious little lamb baby.  He is my inspiration, a cool cat (though stubborn) like his mommy, with a mechanical mind like his daddy

I love him.

Please join me on this journey...
I plan on offering info about the shop, reviews, giveaways & raffles, eco-friendly stuff, cloth diapering info, and oh, a whole bunches more! :o)