Friday, December 28, 2012

Back and Better Than Ever! (With new labels!)

I'm back from my "vacation" from sewing. I still have some school work to finish up for this semester so things aren't 100% in full swing. And, well, it's hard to get my head wrapped around a sewing schedule again (no more laying around during Bibbit's naps watching Dr. Who...)

But, Lamb Babies is back and better than ever!

These are my brand new labels! Don't you love them?! I got them from this great shop on Etsy, and they're fade-proof and fray-proof especially designed for use on cloth diapers!

And here are some things that I've been working on:

 Upcoming "Farm" stocking!!! Don't worry, there'll be more!

Fleece Hybrid Fitteds! (These still need snaps...)

Buying *new* fabric!!! (These^ are organic prints by the way!)

Getting ready for a Valentine's Day stocking!!!!
Stay tuned! There's lots of wonderful things happening at Lamb Babies in the new year!
Thank you for making this a wonderful first year (half-year?) in business!!!

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