Friday, December 14, 2012

The Elusive Doctor (Doctor Who?)~my attempts to find fabric!

I was sick. With a cold. In bed during Bibbit's naps which I usually reserve for sewing time.

And I did it.  You sci-fi gurus would be so proud (yes, that means YOU big brother!). I started watching Dr. Who.  Then I started watching Dr. Who until 1 am. Whoops. 

Now, I'm hooked.

Now, I want to make a Dr. Who diaper....but I can't find fabric!

Spoonflower (a site where you can create your own fabrics, which is pretty cool) sells a TON! I urge you to check them out. But they're all more expensive than I'd like to pay, like $3-$4 more PER DIAPER of pure materials, and apparently, they fade A LOT.  Like going from really vibrant colors to a vintage washed out look.  Which could be cool, I guess.  

They're just not meant to be washed in hot water which we all know is imperative to the clean diaper process.
Okay, this talking cookie jar is pretty unique.

So, this is where YOU come in! Can you help me find some fabric?
Who is your favorite Doctor? 
(I'm still on the David Tennant episodes so I can't decide yet, and well I haven't watched any of the vintage episodes...)
Would you like a Tardis print, or a Dalek print?

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