Friday, December 21, 2012

~Citrus Lane December 2012 Review~

This is my special gift to my little guy, my Bibbit.

This month's theme: "a few of our favorite things"
Citrus Lane had an awesome Black Friday deal where I was able to purchase a 6 month subscription for WAY below normal cost.

I talked to the husband, and came up with the idea that I would give him something(s) in the December box for Christmas, and then the 6 month subscription would end in May (his birth month) so it'd be perfect for his birthday!
*I opened this box in secret so he wouldn't see what was in it!

This box was physically  huge because of this awesome airplane from Green Toys! Bibbit is going to love this on Christmas morning! This company makes items from recycled milk jugs, they are free from "nasty stuff" and they are made in the USA! Bibbit has been all about vehicles lately and I'm so glad he got this super cute plane. ($15--already worth my money...YAY!)

This is a cd by Renee & Jeremy "It's a Big World!"
 I'm already familiar with their music because it pops up on the Pandora station I made for Bibbit. They are really good, all acoustic, very mellow, perfect for background music, naps, and quiet times.  All songs are original except they do a cover of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" which is one of my favorites on the cd.  I also love the title track and "Night Mantra." ($12)

Next up is a photo album/brag book by Pearhead.  At first I was a little "eh" about this just because I'm terrible about putting pictures in a photo album, I can never decide which ones I want to go in them, or maybe I just never get around to it.  Anyway, Citrus Lane suggested making this a photo book for your toddler to look at pictures of mommy and daddy, and other family members. I LOVE that idea! Bibbit loves looking at pictures of family, so that's what I'm probably going to do. Also, this is a really cute green and brown, which sort of ended up being Bibbit's colors, because I wanted to buy things that were gender neutral in case we have a girl in the future. ($8.95)

I love these pouches.  I don't see why people think they are only for babies?!?! Bibbit is 18 months and loves them for a quick snack, and this brand GoGo Squeez, I've actually seen at the store in the applesauce aisle, not in the baby section! My husband and I have taken these on road trips, camping trips, etc. It's an awesome way to carry fruits around. ($1.29)

Treat for mommy!
 I've been craving dark chocolate lately so I was so happy to see this.  It is 100% made in Madagascar "from bean to bar." That's kinda neat. Anyway, this isn't a creamy, melt in your mouth chocolate.  It has more of a bite, and is the kind you just have to let sit in your mouth awhile.  I really like it, and it actually has hints of cherry in it! Yummm. ($1.50)

And a $15 gift voucher to! I've never shopped here, but I've browsed their site and they have a ton of awesome items, from wooden toys to countertop compost pails! I can't decide what I should get...maybe some play food for Bibbit's toy kitchen? ($15)

This box was so worth the money that I paid for it.  I'm really happy with the diverse products in this box, and I absolutely can't wait to give Bibbit his airplane on Christmas morning!

All opinions are my own. I purchased this item with my own money.

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