Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Prefold Fast Drying Fitted~~New Design~~

This is a soon-to-be new design at Lamb Babies!

 I have seen diapers similar to this here and there, thought of designing one of my own, and then out of the blue, someone asked me to make some!

 It is what I call a "prefold fitted"....a fitted diaper that has wings that fold in to provide 6 layers of absorption in the wetzone! NOTE: These are pics of the diaper BEFORE it is even sewn together, I will post "after" pics later too.

 This particular one has one side hemp/organic cotton fleece and one side bamboo/organic cotton fleece.  I wanted to combine the best of fabrics, and these two are my favorites: bamboo for its softness, and hemp for its thickness and durability.  And of course for their awesome combined absorption powers!

Thus, when you fold the wings in, the layers of the wetzone alternate: bamboo, hemp, bamboo, etc.

This is a super eco option!
And I will be offering the semi-custom option of deciding whether or not you want snaps (and what color you want).  Some mamas like to keep it as real as possible so decide not to use plastic snaps, and some mamas like the ease of snaps and the colors!
(These will have elastic in the legs and back as well.)

Do you want your diaper completely out of hemp, or completely out of bamboo?  Yeah, I could probably do that too ;)

These are in the semi-testing stage and I hope to bring them to you real soon!


  1. cool, can you wrap a baby inside then fold, im unsure if the baby is wrapped in it or if the middle is for a soaker... It looks cool though!

    1. First, you would fold in the wings to make a soaker pad of 6 layers, then you can place the baby on the diaper and close it with a Snappi/pins or I could add snaps. Hope that helps! Great question!