Friday, November 16, 2012

Citrus Lane November 2012 Review

Okay, so once again this doesn't have to do with cloth diapers...
BUT, once again, I was able to score a mega-deal on Facebook getting this box for only $12.50
AND, I really like that this company focuses on eco-friendly products.

So, the theme for the November 2012 box was "Fun With Food."

 I was really happy with everything in this box,  and Bibbit was too.  He had a ton of fun helping me open it up.
And yes, he does wear his bike helmet around the house like that just because.

This is the inside of the box for an 18 month old. A little paper tells you about the theme, and the products received as well as their prices.

Bibbit sucked down the Plum Organics squirty pouch ($1.69) within 2 seconds...I stole a taste too, it was yummy :)

These snack bowls are awesome.  Bibbit is so proud of how he can carry his own bowls of snacks around, and we don't have very many, so these will definitely get used.  They are from the same company as Green Toys, and are "nasty stuff" free and made from recycled milk jugs.  Pretty cool, huh? ($6.99)

This item is from Goodbyn, it's a small meal compartment container with a snap-on lid.  We don't have anything like this so I'm super excited to try it out.  We just have little snack pod kind of things to put crackers in, so this is perfect! I plan on using it this weekend, in fact, as we travel to have an early Thanksgiving with the in-laws. ($6.49)

The next item is a moisturizing lotion by Juice Beauty for mama! :) Haven't tried this yet but it is made with organic ingredients! ($9.00)

This next item from Plan Toys was my (and Bibbit's!) favorite!

It's set of 3 "cutting" fruits and veggies! I've been wanting something like this for Bibbit for a while and I'm so happy to have gotten one in our box! We got the tomato, orange, and super-cute kiwi, all with a little wooden "knife" to "cut" the fruit which is held together with velcro. ($8.50)
I LOVE these for so many reasons:
They're made from wood
They are great for a matching game
They will help Bibbit learn to hold utensils (he still prefers finger foods)
They are great for pretend play

Bibbit having fun, and then to top it off, he played with the box for like 45 minutes!

Way to go, Citrus Lane!
This was well worth the $12.50 that I paid!!!

NOTE: All opinions are my own. I paid for this box with my own money.

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