Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bluum November 2012~Review~

Last month I had an offer where I received the Bluum box for half price at $6.  For those who don't know, Bluum is a subscription service that sends 5-6 deluxe sized samples of items for mom and baby.

I wasn't going to continue it to save money, but I forgot to cancel by the first of the month....that's something you have to be careful about with these types of services, they usually automatically renew without letting you know.  If you want to cancel, you have to manually cancel your subscription.

Anway, the theme for November was "Bundle Up" so I guess it was all about being comfortable as the the temperatures dip. (Bad picture-taking was bad)

 The first thing I pulled out of the box was a teether toy.  It's a super cute walrus, but my 18 month old doesn't use these.  I've recently found out Bluum is supposed to be for 0-12 months (though I thought originally they were 0-24 months) and they will be making a toddler box soon, so that's good.

 The next item was two tea packets. I love tea. (Oops mega-flash)

 Then a sample of organic agave nectar and organic coconut sugar.  I'm anxious to try the coconut sugar, I didn't even know that that existed! Apparently it can be used 1-1 in your recipes in place of white sugar...too cool.

 This is one issue of a "baby magazine." I really like this.  It is filled with short stories and poems, beautiful illustrations, and Bibbit really likes it too.  These are expensive! 9 issues costs over $30 bucks normally! Wow! To me, that is A LOT of money to spend on something like this, but the quality is really nice and the stories are cute.

 As a bonus, I received two small samples of Caldrea stain remover. I just used some earlier, and one little packet actually goes quite a way.  This also has a really sweet floral smell, almost old-fashioned but in a good way!

We were also supposed to receive a mud mask, but because of Hurricane Sandy, the product didn't arrive to Bluum in time (they are based in NYC), so they sent out an email saying the product would be in next month's box.

However, I did in fact remember to cancel my subscription this time around.  The baby box is too young for Bibbit, and besides the teether and magazine, a lot of the other samples seem like things you could just get for free. Maybe with the mud mask (I don't know if that was just a sample or a full-sized product) the $12 would be more worth it, but for me this time around, it just wasn't.

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