Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lamb Babies is getting a facelift!

I'm changing some things up as far as diaper design!

Right now, the Christmas diapers I have available on Etsy feature these new changes! (The "character" diapers have the new larger rise as well.)

I am so happy to be unveiling these new changes that will make easier to use and more absorbent diapers!

1) Larger rise.  This means that the diapers now come up higher in the back so they'll fit more babies for longer!

The cover is longer from top to bottom!

2) Cover can be machine dried! The new design and pul allow for machine drying on LOW, even with PUL!

3) Thicker inner.  The previous diapers had a layer of bamboo fleece attached to pul for the inside of the diapers.  Now, I plan on using a separate hidden layer of pul, topped with thick and soft hemp organic cotton fleece.  This will make for a more absorbent diaper.

4) Hemp+Bamboo.  The inner is hemp/oc, the insert is bamboo/organic cotton fleece, topped with hemp/organic cotton fleece.  My favorite fabrics combined to make a super diaper!

5) New insert/soaker design.  Four layers of a thicker than previous bamboo/organic cotton fleece (still in a quick-dry fold-out style) topped with an optional lay-in soaker of hemp!  So, now you can customize your absorbency and decide whether you want hemp or bamboo next to your little one's skin!

 Four layers of thicker bamboo/organic cotton fleece.
Snaps in and can unfold for quicker drying!
Topped with an added soaker of two layers of hemp/organic cotton fleece.  You can always tuck it in between layers of the bamboo soaker too!

I'm so excited for these new changes! The new diapers will be squishier, more absorbent, larger, and still as cute as ever!  

I will be incorporating this new design full-time in 2013! Meanwhile, help me clear out the old stock, and get your Christmas diapers in this new style! :o)

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