Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Sales & Stocking Preview

Admittedly, I've never gone to any Black Friday sales...I'd rather stay in bed.

So, I will be doing a special Black Friday sale at the Lamb Babies shop so you mama's can stay home in your pjs and shop for some cloth! YAY!

1) There will be FREE SHIPPING ALL DAY!
2) Any purchase made before 9 am gets 25% off your entire order!
3) There will also be super markdowns 

I will be changing up the design slightly for Lamb Babies (I'll make another post all about it) starting full-time after January 1st, so the older designs need to sell!!!

Here's what's coming up for the Black Friday stocking!!

"Christmas & Characters"

(These are getting snaps real soon!)
1) Mickey Mouse Flannel Hybrid Fitted
2) Minnie Mouse AI2
3) Star Wars AI2
4) Snowflake AI2*
5) Snowman AI2*
6) Snowflake AI2*
7) Winnie the Pooh Hybrid Fitted
8) Snoopy AI2
*The Christmas diapers feature the new design features like higher rise & more absorbency!

Stocking for these ones will be Black Friday @ 5pm est, tentatively.

Enjoy & I hope to see you then!

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